Design recommendations

DASt-Richtlinie 026

Fatigue Assessment in High-Frequency Hammer Applications

Recommendations for HFMI Treatments

Design recommendations for HFMI treated welded joints

Eurocode 3 - draft DIN EN 1993-1-9: 2023-03

provides design concepts for the proof of fatigue resistance of steel structures

IIW-Documents and further studies

Robustness of the HFMI techniques and the effect of weld quality on the fatigue life improvement of welded joints

This study once again confirms the high reproducibility of an HFMI treatment, even when considering different seam qualities

PITEC information

PIT Introduction

Overview of the PIT Technology

Other publications

High-Frequency Mechanical Impact (HFMI) - State of the technology

Published in Praktiker Magazine issue 01/2017

High residual stresses reduce plant failures

Published in MM MaschinenMarkt issue 22/2011

Anti Aging

Published in the journal "Instandsetzung" issue 07/2011

PIT proven in practice

Published in Praktiker Magazine issue 09/2010